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Curriculum  Marlene Horn - english


Glass Fairy-tales painting on sheets of glass

review by      Nicola N U T I


Marlene Horn goes beyond what is real with craftsman's tools and the pictorial technique she knows best, but making us understand that above all this, beyond her results and resources, is her anxiety to grasp that magical something that cannot be said with words but that is, at least, akin to the place in which poetry does not despair to exist.

What Marlene H o r n has been painting in these years, where distraction goes hand-in-hand with general culture, seems to be an oasis of gentleness, with such a perception of poetry as to make us appreciate her works as images to place amongst our most intimate pleasures, nurturing that life which is our only shelter from reality.



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Marlene und  Rolf Horn
Via delle Piastrelle, 814
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