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Marlene Horn - Reverse glass painter

Rolf Horn - Olive Wood Sculptor


Marlene and Rolf live and work in a particular context, where the greatest painter and

sculptor of all time- the nature - is creating again and again the most beautiful works of art,

in which Marlene and Rolf, their home, their workshops, the fields, the olive trees, the hills,

the colours, the sky, the earth, the sun, the peace and whatever, all details are perfect.


They share, in clearly differentiated way, in mutual affection their needs, their curiosity,

their ambition, exploring new techniques and artistic visions of beauty, inspired by the

desire to achieve their common goals.


They complement each other perfectly. There is Marlene, a soft, yet strong woman, being

mother, wife, sister, friend, colleague of Rolf. As a result she decreases his doubts, his

insecurity, fear and violence inside of him, at the same time she can give him more strength

of character and creativity. There is Rolf, an impetuous man of the great battles, of

passions, desires, ideals and dreams, all in opposition to each other, in Marlene he finds his

inner peace and serenity, which are absolute.



Both work and are very happy in their creative work on high, very high level, which

probably does not bring great material satisfaction, but fills the heart with light and richness

of soul. They are two artists - two great artists. Marlene the glass painter and Rolf the

sculptor of olive wood, who are distinct and yet complementary.


Marlene the painter, and Maestra and Patrona of light and colours in perfect harmony with

the transparency of the glass, represents and describes in a 360 degree rotation the

musicality and the harmony of life in a contemporary and dynamic rigidity.


Rolf the sculptor, what a great sculptor, who always manages, in a very natural way,

to give back the dead wood his life, by changing olive logs in animated icons and tells us

about history, culture, traditions, religion, loans, jewellery. Again and again, by an inner

enlightenment, which opens the soul, the heart, the spirit and the drive of this brilliant man,

who is capable (almost insane) to communicate with the dead olive wood and the

transforms wood into an Opera Viva - in a living work of art.


What a lovely, very human image Marlene and Rolf are!


They appear to us as being the protagonist of an invented fiction, a seemingly contradictory

mix of adventures, hiking, success and failure, happiness and misery, of great pain and great

joy. But the story is true.


Marlene and Rolf, they are real, and they are an example of a cultural, fascinating and ever-

changing life hike!


This unique artist couple is free flying in their constant pursuit of beauty.



It is a great honour and a great joy for me introducing them.


Thank you Marlene. Thank you Rolf.


Edoardo Liberio - friend and admirer


Hier finden Sie mich


Marlene und  Rolf Horn
Via delle Piastrelle, 814
I - 51015 Monsummano Terme / Toskana

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